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CTKAformerly published Probe Magazine. Most of the articles on this site first appeared in Probe.

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Inside the ARRB
Reviews of Douglas Horne's multi-volume study of the declassified medical evidence in the JFK case. Reviewed by
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Exclusive excerpts from Mitchell Warriner's long awaited new book on
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January 8, 2013

Killing Kennedy O'ReillyPlease take action to stop Scott Free Productions and National Geographic cable channel from making a telefilm out of Bill O’Reilly’s horrendous book on the JFK assassination entitled "Killing Kennedy". At the very least, request that National Geographic should allow time for a rebuttal or a debate with the authors.

In your communication, please refer to points made in Jim DiEugenio’s review of the book at Consortium News, David Talbot’s at Salon, or Ed Curtin’s at Dissident Voice.

Please email, fax and/or mail your comment. A point to hammer home is that this book is so dated as to be obsolete. There is no evidence that O’Reilly, or his co-author Martin Dugard, did any genuine, original research. For instance, there are no references to memoranda from the Garrison investigation, the Church Committee, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, or the declassified files of the ARRB. All four of those official inquiries tend to undermine the one official source this book does use: the Warren Report — the much-critiqued report was issued 49 years ago.

Today, in the new millennium, the American public deserves something more than a recycled version of the Warren Commission. It deserves some honesty, intelligence, and insight. So does John F. Kennedy.

Jim DiEugenio, Chairman CTKA

Here are points of contact:

Scott Free Productions
634 N. La Peer Drive,
Los Angeles California, 90069
Fax 310-659-1377 Phone 310-659-1577
Executive PRoducer of Television, Kate Crowe
President of Television, David Zucker
Head of Development-Television, Surian Fletcher-Jones.

National Geographic
1145 17th St. NW, Washington DC, 20036
202-912-6500 President, Howard T. Owens
Exec-VP of Programming, Michael Cascio
Senior VP of Communications and Talent Relations, Chris Albert, 202-912-6526,

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